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IO1: Guide for conducting blended virtual internships for the acquisition and validation of entrepreneurial and business skills in agriculture and eco-farming sectors

This output aims to guide VET trainers as well as mentors that are organising/facilitating blended virtual internships in acquiring and validating entrepreneurial and business skills in the agriculture and eco-farming sectors.

IO2: Assessment standard for validation and recognition of the acquired knowledge, skills and competences related to business and entrepreneurship during blended virtual internships in agriculture and eco-farming sectors

This output will provide:

  • A definition of the recognition and validation process;
  • A formative assessment by the mentor during the apprenticeship period;
  • A VET learner diary – as a strategy to deepen learning, stimulate critical thinking, improve reflective practice and enables learners to disseminate what they have learnt whilst in the company;
  • A pre- and post (self-) assessment (optional);
  • A case based final assessment.

IO3: Mobile application to conduct blended virtual internships in the domains of business and entrepreneurship

This output:

  • Will serve as a main open educational resource which will facilitate the creation of a Pan-European learning community;
  • Will support and facilitate online communication and cooperation between VET students and their mentors from companies;
  • Will allow mentors to assign tasks to students, to follow their implementation and to offer advice and guidelines;
  • Will provide a framework for the organization and management of blended virtual internships;
  • Will bring together various available online communication and project management tools and guidelines.

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