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Blended internship model

  • A combination ration (80/20 or 70/30 between virtual and face-to-face/on-the-job internships) where online virtual experiences are implemented with temporary “travels” to the mentor’s/entrepreneur’s place. The mentor could be from a existing experienced SME in the agriculture and eco-farming sectors.
  • The teaching staff chosen may need support in helping them make the shift from classroom teaching to the tutoring role required by the virtual internship mobile application.
  • The transition from prioritising activities beyond the classroom will be difficult for some teachers, particularly those who traditionally have been used to provide thorough daily monitoring of individuals in classroom situations.

Our Blended Virtual Internship (in the agriculture and eco-farming sectors) will focus on:

  • Independent student research;
  • The preparation of assignments to prepare a business plan for the start up of an enterprise;
  • Knowledge gathering from experienced mentors in the field of business and entrepreneurship;
  • Critical reflections on own learning;
  • The validation of the acquired knowledge, skills and competence via an assessment standard.

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