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Blended virtual internships in the field of business and entrepreneurship

During the past decades VET schools and providers in Bulgaria and Turkey experienced difficulties in the provision of dedicated proper internship programmes for VET students in agriculture and eco-farming sectors, especially for those that would like to start up a new enterprise.

In the rapidly changing labour market, youngsters are faced with a lack of practical skills and know-how support that could help them to transit successfully from the education system to the labour market/business world.

Internship programs, as a type of work-based learning, can be very supportive for young would-be entrepreneurs. They have been recognized as an effective method for alleviating youth unemployment and equipping young people with relevant skills.

Frequent barriers for VET student internships are the geographic obstacles to visit the premises of the employers which in agricultural sector are mainly at the rural area. Also the time availability of mentors as well as the lack of a tangible assessment standard, which can measure and proof the effectiveness and impact of such internship programme, contribute to this.

This is especially problematic for disadvantaged students (poor income, with a disability, etc.).

By deploying blended virtual internships, we aim to overcome these barriers.

Target groups:

  • VET learners in the agriculture sector
  • VET trainers & educators
  • VET centers who are providing further training
  • Entrepreneurs/employers active as mentors/tutors in the field of agriculture and eco-farming
  • Policy makers

Start date: 15 November 2019
End date: 14 May 2022

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